One of the most critical parts in caring for your Christmas Tree  is making sure you have a high quality tree stand. There are a lot of options out there on the market, and sometimes it can be a challenge to decide which is the best option for your family. Is it worth it to spend the extra money on a more expensive brand or can you get away with the bargain deal at the store?

Since we know a thing or two about Christmas trees around here, we thought we’d put together some suggestions on how to shop for a tree stand, as well as some recommended options.

How To Shop for A Great Christmas Tree Stand - Marquardt Farms -

Understand the different kinds of Tree stands available

This article from the National Christmas Tree Association does a great job of describing the most common and recommended types of tree stands available on the market:

  • Center-pin stand
  • Two piece stand
  • Four bolt stand
  • Clamp stand

Know which tree stand is the best fit for your tree

The most common type of tree stand that’s available are the four bolt and the clamp stand. To narrow your search down even more, look for specifics on these features:

  • Water capacity – how many gallons of water can the tree stand hold?
  • Tree height limit – is the tree stand base sturdy enough to hold a 9 or 10 foot Christmas tree if necessary?
  • Weight limit – same question applies here for the tree height – will the tree stand be able to manage the weight of the tree without toppling over?
  • Trunk diameter – is your tree stand wide enough for the base of your tree? If you have to shave off the sides of your tree base, that’s probably not a good thing!


Now that you have some ideas and criteria on what to look for, the next question is which tree stand do you get and how much should you spend? Here’s our suggestions:

  1. Krinner Christmas Tree Genie XXL Christmas Tree Stand

This  clamp tree stand is Rolls Royce of tree stands. At a retail price of $105.00, it’s definitely at a higher pricing point compared to others, but you literally get what you pay for. When you purchase this stand, chances are you probably won’t have to buy another tree stand for quite some time.

Based on the criteria we mentioned above, here’s how the Krinner tree stand stacks up:



  • 2.5 gallon water capacity
  • 12 foot tree height limit – that’s good and tall right there!
  • 18 pound weight limit
  • Maximum 7 inch trunk diameter




  • HUGE time saver – this tree stand has a clamp/claw feature that beats the traditional four bolt system.
  • Instead of trying to get Mom or one of the kids to hold the tree up while Dad messes with the bolts to get the tree to line up just right, one person can hold up the tree and use the clamp to tighten the tree.
  • Built to last
  • Has a water reservoir indicator, so you know when you’re running low on water.


This stand is available on Amazaon, but Ace Hardware has this available for $99.99 with Free store pickup, so check your local store for availability.

2. Good Tidings Christmas Tree Stand

If you’re not quite ready to make the $100 investment on a tree stand, the Good Tidings Christmas Tree Stand is great budget-friendly alternative at $33.



For the medium size stand ( they also have a smaller size)

  • 1.75 gallon water capacity
  • 10 foot tree height limit
  • Maximum 6 inch trunk diameter
  • Uses steel spikes to bolt tree in place –
  • Has release levers that let you push or pull the screws quickly into position without having to turn them slowly by hand




Low budget, but good quality alternative to the Krinner tree stand


Available on Amazon for $33 or at Home Depot for $34.98


Do you have any recommended tree stands that you love? Post your thoughts in the comments below